Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this secret love for gardens…I blame my grandma who used to make me help her with her vegetable garden. Soon after I started helping my mom pick out flowers for her garden. I think my secret obsession really kicked in when I would watch Alice In Wonderland. I always loved that movie and its showcase of curiosity and discovery.

          When we went and toured Brodick Castle I thought, “Oh sweet this place has a little garden.” What I wasn’t aware of is that the garden is huge and completely and utterly, without a doubt the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen. The first section is carefully planned out with paths letting you tour all the different flowers that form a frame around the paths. In the center is an incredible sitting area made of wood where all kinds of flowers in all different colors grow up, around, and cover the wood.  The next section is like a artfully decorated park. With a few benches under giant trees with long leafy, green branches, a peaceful pond covered in Lilly pads, and to top it off the ocean is right behind the garden.

            As I ran around this spectacular place I couldn’t help but feel like Alice from Alice In Wonderland. When walking around a strange feeling of not being alone over came me. I realized I actually was completely alone but the nature was there to keep me company. Although the flowers seem lively with they’re striking colors; the bees were also there. Watching these bees fly from flower to flower working vigorously triggered a feeling of appreciation for this gorgeous place. All I wanted to do was sit and watch my surrounding for hours. Seeing this castle’s garden makes me extremely excited to see the castle in Edinburgh and see if they’re garden can top this one!


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