Screenshot of the Brodick Highland Games
National pride is the common thread that unites these two cultures.

By: Bridjes O'Neil

Rose and Ishaku Bitrus have traveled far from their native African land. Rose is from Rwanda and her husband, Nigeria. Yet, they both shared a soft spot in their hearts for their newly adopted home.

Ishaku Bitrus explains why he loves Scotland

Ishaku recalled how the Scots openly embraced the couple when they first arrived  in Glasgow, Scotland. Ishaku said, "I felt at home the first day I came to Glasgow." Both cultures seem to  have an immense amount of national pride.

Ishaku said that for the Scots the kilt is a perfect example of their pride.The kilts were used  to differentiate familial clans which is a tradition that dates back thousdands of years. Ishaku said,  "Africans love our culture. We love our people," He continued, "The Scots, actually, are very cultured people."

Couple unexpectedly celebrate anniversary at the Brodick Highland Games

Rose and Ishaku planned  to a quiet getaway to Scotland's Isle of Arran to celebrate their wedding anniversary. hey opted to join a more festive bunch of people at the annual Brodick Highland Games. It is primarily known for its competitive sports like the caber toss. However, there was something for everyone to enjoy with children games, food and Scottish beer for the adults. Ishaku Bitrus was right about one thing. The Scots are a prideful people.


Bridjes O'Neil studied abroad in Scotland for a Travel Journalism class. She is a student at Webster University where she majors in Broadcast  & Digital Journalism. All videos and photos are the personal property of  Bridjes O'Neil.

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