Glanashdale Waterfalls
Just when I thought I saw everything our journey just keeps getting better!

Linda dropped us off to the starting point of the trail that would take us to Glenashdale Falls.  She had said she was going to set this one out but the trail was about 1 mile round trip and mostly flat. BOY were we in for a treat.

The trail was a 1 ½ miles to it, and as we got farther into the trail it continued to get tougher. I’m sure this particular trail is a piece a cake for the locals, but for me it was a challenge since I’m not used to climbing up hill very much. When we arrived it was very rewarding seeing the massive Glanashdale Waterfalls.

I have never seen a large waterfall like this in real life so it was quite an experience. I even got to stand on the rocks right by it. I’m usually terrified of heights, but today it was all or nothing, because I may only get one opportunity to see this falls. This has probably been one of my favorite places we’ve visited so far. There still a ton of stuff to cover on our trip, but time is flying by fast!

~ Jody