Traveling abroad attracts me to doing various things. One of them is walking, which I like because I am able to enjoy natural landscape. I like the outdoors.

I always want to be one with nature in different countries in the world.

     Walking is a primitive way of moving from one place another. I can encounter unknown world through walking. Nothing is more pleasant than finding something new.

One day in the late afternoon during the study abroad in Scotland, in the Isle of Arran, I took an opportunity of free time to go out for a walk from the youth hostel.

It was a walking route on the main circular road from Lochranza to Catacol in the northern part of Isle. The road runs along the coastline.

     I could see the rock coastline full of variety, and various types of rock on the hillside. The houses were dotted along the road, and anyone wants to live in those nice houses. It is fun to walk imaging various things in the mind.

There were few cars running, and it was fun to walk in the middle of the road.

     On the sea, seagulls jumped into the sea to catch fish and they were in the sea for a while. It is incredible to catch fish in the sea which moves very fast.

     Everything around me was very quite and calm. I found a unfamiliar bird different from seagulls on the small rock off the coast. When it flew, it had a rather long wings. It touched down on another rack. I realized it was a golden eagle. I had no idea that golden eagles come to sea.

     I was approaching the village of Catacol, which features a series of twelve cottages. Each cottage has its different unique windows. It is said that a fisherman could recognized the sign in his different window’s light.

     There is a pay phone even in the small village. In Japan, the spread of the cellular phone has reduced the pay phone, and there is no pay phone in the small Japanese village. British telephone company is kind to people who don’t have a cellular phone.

     Walking makes me think from one thing to another. I always walk while thinking something, looking at the scenery.

     It was two hours walk there and back. Walking gives me good chances to think something and watch and feel the working of nature.   -  Akira