If you could describe a fashion forward place, where would it be? Do I hear Paris? How about New York or Milan? Could we possibly add Scotland's Isle of Arran as a possibility? My vote has been cast as a definite yes.
By Bridjes O'Neil

By Bridjes O'Neil (06/08/2011-Isle of Arran)  The fashion trends on the Isle of Arran is mostly casual wear. A typical local wardrobe consists of a pair of jeans and long sleeved T-shirt. People often wear bright neon sneakers to "dress up" their outfit. Many women and young girls wear rain boots with polka dots or stripes because the climate is extremely wet and cold. 

Both women and men have distinct style preferences;however, the women on the Isle of Arran are the true fashionistas. The local women understand how to properly morph casual wear into dress casual. All you need to complete this task is the right accessory or accent like a handbag or print scarf. Converse sneakers and rain boots could be replaced with a nice pair of gold thong sandals or high heeled leather boots.

The men have made an attempt not to be outdone by the women although it seems to be more apparent on eventful occasions. The annual Brodick Highland Games held yesterday Aug 6 at Ormidale Park featured a Pipe Band competion where both men and women wore traditional kilt skirts.

The Brodick Highland Games is mostly a competive sports event that includes a caber toss. "Tossing the caber" is a sport where men pick up large logs and toss them across the field. The winner is determined based upon the farthest log thrown.

No person is immune to fashion faux pas. There have been quite a few questionable attire choices. Scotland may not be among the most fashion forward place to some people. Scotland definitely has its own unique flavor that any fashion guru can appreciate.


Bridjes O'Neil is a Broadcast & Digital Journalism student at Webster University in St. Louis, MO. Bridjes participated in a study abroad trip to Scotland for a Travel Journalism class. All photos were taken by Bridjes O'Neil.


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