Scotland reminds me, as a Japanese, of several things: cloudy, rainy, foggy days; sheep, traditional bagpipe music, men in skirts, and Scottish whisky.

Scotland is situated to the northern part of Great Britain and each area has its traditional way of life. Geographically, there are many islands around Scotland. The Isle of Arran is one of them. It is affected by the warm current of the Gulf Stream.

In summer, Scotland may be an ideal place to avoid summer heat. Most of this summer in the world is affected by the global warming, and so it become

very hot summer especially in Japan where people are asked to save 15% of electric power because of nuclear power plant crisis last March.  The temperature has ranged from 55 to 65 F.

Many people from both at home and abroad visit this Isle of Arran as tourists.

The Isle has sightseeing fascinations such as beautiful coastlines and mountains

covered with grasses and woods.

 The Isle of Arran has not been corrupted by the commercialism of tourism. People want to be one with the beautiful nature in this island. They want to watch seals and birds, and to enjoy hiking and cycling.

The weather in Scotland is said to be changeable, and no one knows what the weather will be today and tomorrow. People here including visitors accept nature. Once you visit Scotland, you feel like visiting this place again in the future. - Akira




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