Meeting someone at a particular time and place in a foreign country is very exciting, but it causes anxiety because the person you are waiting for will not come properly.

I have had such thrilling experiences several times.

On August 2, I was going to meet Linda Williams and her students from Webster University in front of Tesco Express at the ground floor of Glasgow International

Airport at ten in the morning. We were to gather and disperse at the appointed spot on a short study abroad in Scotland.

I entered Glasgow two days earlier and I checked airport bus timetable and how long it would take to the Airport from the center of the city.

On August 2, I went to the Airport one hour and a half earlier, and I tried to look for a meeting place, Tesco Express, There were two arrival gates, and I could not find the Tesco, so I moved to the other gate. I finally found the Tesco. To make sure, I asked the tourist information center’s stuff about Tesco Express. The store I found was just the place.

I looked at the arrivals on the television screen, and found out her plane would be delayed for about a hour. In general, American commercial airplanes are not trustworthy in operation.

I had enough time for the delayed airplane to arrive, and I needed to kill time.

I was not worried, because I had enough information on the situations.

Her airplane, which was supposed to arrive at 9:15, landed at the airport more than one hour late. In about half an hour after the passport control, she and her four students appeared to me. I was very much relieved.

In the global age, it is very usual to meet someone in a foreign country.

It is very exciting and thrilling to meet someone not at home but in foreign country.


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