Heidi and I after her show.

               Music is my biggest passion in life and going to live shows is my favorite thing to do; so tonight when we went to a show in Glasgow I was excited just on the fact that it was a live show. Little did I know that it would be a super awesome show with some new music that I had never really gotten into. When we arrived at The Arches where we would be seeing Heidi Talbot I was thrilled to see that it was a cool venue. As we walked into a warehouse like room with a bar on our left you could immediately feel the excitement radiating off people. The bar had big round overhead white lights that hung down low, and the bar was lit up with different colored lights all around. Surrounding the bar were nice leather couches for you to enjoy your beverage before the show.

            The actual show was performed in a different room past the bar about a 100 or so people could sit and the musicians were about 20 feet from the first row where we sat. As the band started I immediately fell in love with the music. They played what Linda calls, “Irish Folk” personally I think they were a little more hip than that; I’d call them “Indie Irish Folk”.  One of the songs played was a really cool one called, “Sally Brown”, Heidi said she found this song off of a compilation put together by Johnny Depp. It was such a fun song where Heidi had the audience sing the chorus; you could just feel the energy that the audience was giving and as well as the bands; it was so unreal. Heidi’s voice was incredible she would sing so soft at times but then really loud all while maintaining her notes. She never over power the mics or the instruments. If there is one thing I’d have to say is this band used so many different instruments like flutes, mandolins, guitars, and maracas; each giving they’re own spin on a song.           

               Glasgow is an amazing place with a huge music scene. When you walk the city streets late at night you can hear all kinds of live music coming from all around you. One bar is punk, another metal, or you’ll pass a coffee house with a soft acoustic session. I love this music scene and can’t wait to got to Edinburgh. The Fringe is a month long festival that will be going on when we get to Edinburgh. Apparently a bunch of shows, music, theatre, and art will be going on and I can’t wait. -Chelsea


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