Being on The Isle of Arran has given me a totally different out look on life. It sounds cheesy I know but here everything is different. There are no Walmart’s, strip malls, no tanning salons, or even fast food places. Here you see miles of ocean and green hilltops as far as you can see. The people are nice and friendly; even if we are Americans. The weather maybe only in the 60’s but everything about this place is calming and almost feels unreal. Being here makes all your worries seem so little and idiotic. I feel like everyone here actually enjoys life to the fullest; they just seem so merry. Anytime someone walks by they say hello and smile, they may drive crazy but I’ve never met nicer people.

            The water isn’t warm but it doesn’t stop locals with their wet suits or without they jump right into the freezing Atlantic. The sun glimmers off the ocean reflecting the green hills. The beach is clean and has huge rounded rocks all around it. Like giant steppingstones they stick out of the blue ocean. You can go out at least 30 yards on them and be surrounded by gentle waves. On the south side of the island you can see Northern Ireland when the clouds aren’t out. Its only been two days and but I can see why the people here are so happy. Seeing the beauty of this place just totally clears your mind of all worries. Exploring the island has been awesome so far and I’m so excited to see more. -Chelsea


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