Just made it through my first full day in Scotland.  Our first adventure was traveling to Machrie Moor, to see the standing stones. These huge rocks are supposedly over 4,000 years old and the purpose was to mark the burial site of someone. To this day no one really knows 100% how they got the rocks there, but it’s been said and believed several men carried them there.

            The 2 ½ mile walk to get to the rocks involved climbing over a fence, enjoying the beautiful scenery and a ton of sheep. Apparently sheep is a huge industry in Scotland. Many are not contained in fences and are free to roam wherever they feel. I have seen them in the yard of Lochranza Youth Hostel, all over the hills, and even in the roads. Knowing that I grew up on a goat farm and I know several people who raise sheep back home its funny I still find myself wanting photograph them in Scotland.

            I am really trying to photograph in a journalistic way while touring here on the island. Sheep are very important to the agriculture industry, because there is such a large abundant of them on the island. To really show the culture and beauty of the island it’s a must to include sheep. In my photos make them as part of the scenery instead focusing only on the animal.

~Jody Bryson


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