Standing on top of rolling green hills spotted with an array of colorful wild flowers, the sounds of mother sheep calling their lambs for feeding can be heard. Fresh, cool breezes dance off the bright, blue ocean and whisk through your hair.  There are breath-taking views of a country side checkered with farmlands and of a robust mountain range. Natural beauty like this is meant to be shared with someone close and who else would be better to take it all in with than man’s best friend? 

On the Isle of Arran, it seems that everyone has a dog. Owners will take their dogs everywhere with them from the stores, to the beach, to the mountains. All the dogs are so well behaved and excellently trained. Owners are able to go for walks and hikes with their pooches without having to worry about keeping them on a leash. This really allows for the owners and their dogs to have fun and enjoy the company of each other without being tied up.

The dogs on Arran are also so friendly and well behaved that many owners let them run free. On most of our days out-and-about on the island, we would stop to have picnic lunches. Almost every time we were greeted by a happy dog. With their tail wagging and, sometimes, toy of choice in their mouth, they would come up to us and sit patiently waiting for some scrapes or someone to play fetch with them.

With all of us having precious pooches of our own back home, it was always a joy to share lunch with a happy, slobbery Arran dog.



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