It was such a gorgeous day in Arran with temperatures of about 65 degrees. The sun was bright with blue skies and big white fluffy clouds. I keep forgetting that’s its still August with these cool temperatures.

We toured the huge Brodick Castle. It is neat how they decorate it like it would have been back when it was used. I was really disappointed that we couldn’t take pictures inside though.

However, we were allowed to take pictures in the castle’s beautiful gardens.  They really showcased how unique the Isle of Arran really is. The island’s weather and temperatures are susceptible for growing tropical plants such as palm trees as well as colder climate plants like evergreens. I know I didn’t make it through the whole garden, but all I can say is this garden is like no other.

If you ever come to Isle of Arran, Brodick Castle should be on your touring list!


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