In the United States not much exciting happens in August. There’s no national holidays and its known as the dog days of summer, because of the hot, sticky temperatures. It’s also the kick off of the new school year. However, August isn’t a dreadful month everywhere. In fact, Edinburgh comes alive for the entire month with the Fringe Festival. When I think of festival…I think of carnival rides, and funnel cakes, but none of this was part of the month look celebration.
The city has numerous daily activities ranging from art, dance, theater, music and comedy. Some events cost money to attend, but several are free to the public. With Scotland summer temperatures of 60's-70's who wouldn't enjoy this festival?

It was quite an experience seeing all the various entertainment. Entertainers and artist come from all over the world to be apart of the festival.  People will do anything for a pound!

All on one street in a short time I saw:
  • the most pierced woman with supposedly over 6,995 piercing
  • People acting like statues
  • Break-dancers from Poland
  • Headless people holding umbrellas
  • A juggler that wasn’t very good
It's safe to say fun was had by all.



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