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London police shoot and kill 29-year-old man. Rioters fear his death was racially motivated. Webster University study abroad student in Scotland is affected by the news.

By Bridjes O'Neil

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(London, U.K. - 04/08/2011) Mark Duggan , 29, was tragically shot and killed by police in Tottenham, London on Aug 4th. This story affected me because Duggan was a young father only 2 years my senior. The news of his death traveled the entire length of the U.K. North-East to Scotland. 

There were at least two people in Glasgow, Scotland that asked me, "Have you heard what's happening in London?" It embarassed me that I could not engage in any intellectual discourse because I knew nothing about the incident.

This is when my interest for the story piqued. Although my study abroad trip in the U.K. has ended,  the aftermath in London is still fresh in my mind. This post is based upon my research. Click the links highlighted in blue for more in-depth coverage.

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CNN reported that a police task attempted to arrest Duggan for possible gun related crimes. The daily mail reports that Duggan  fired a weapon at police which resulted in a shoot out that wounded an officer. The family discredits the media for its depiction of Duggan as a "gangster." The murky circumstances has launched an official  police. Nonetheless, some people insist the incident was racially motivated. 

 The Duggan family arranged a peace demonstraion on Aug 6. The event quickly erupted into violent mayhem as young rioters vented their frustration. The riots began in the area of Broadwater Farm;however, news reports state that Duggan's family does not condone the riots. Read the full article Mark Duggan: profile of Tottenham police shooting victim.  CNN offers a timeline of events on its website for more information.

*Disclaimer* This is not an opinion piece but merely an attempt to present factual information. Disussion related to the content is highly encouraged.


Bridjes O'Neil recently studied abroad in Scotland for a Travel Journalis class. She is a student at Webster University where she majors in Broadcast & Digital Journalism. The media associated with this post is considered All Rights Reserved. They are not the property of Bridjes O'Neil.


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