As a kid my step dad always drank scotch. When we’d have family functions and my uncles, cousins, grandpas; whoever they would always drink scotch. So today when we went to the distillery I was shocked out how much I didn’t know about scotch. For insistence whiskey is only considered a scotch if it is made in Scotland. Also to drink a malt whiskey with ice is wrong and only destroys it. Once I started hearing these facts I realized I didn’t even know how whiskey was made. When we toured the distillery I noticed that everything to make whiskey is super sized. The stills were giant at least 12 feet tall and made of copper. Barrels were about 20 feet around and 4 feet high, all this giant equipment was used for something that ends up being so small in the end.

               After interviewing the head of the visitor’s center and trying the whiskey I couldn’t wait to get my step dad a bottle. I honestly hope hes proud that I could pick him out a good bottle and learn about something he finds fascinating.


08/08/2011 15:06

The Arran distillery does such a good job of explaining to us non-scotch drinkers how exactly to enjoy not just the flavor, but the work that goes into just one bottle.

Your step-dad is lucky - the Arran Malt is a good scotch, and virtually impossible to find in the states!


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