Today we saw a group of about 20 people all in life jackets and river gear as if they were going or had just gotten finished canoeing. I found myself envious of these people; I love floating down river or going rafting! Finally after seeing past my jealousy I realized that I had no clue where they had went to do this awesome activity! As I stood outside our hostel watching them all walk by I finally realized that the bay across from the hostel had filled up.

     Now this morning I had breakfast with Linda and we discussed the bay and how I thought it was funny there was no water in it. In fact there was actually a huge flock of sheep standing and grazing in this bay, there were boats that were completely exposed just on they’re side waiting for the bay to fill. Now suddenly at 5 in the afternoon its completely filled! I’m amazed. This bay is huge and was completely empty now it is full enough for boats and people to enjoy it.  Its an amazing site watching the bay and all its happy occupants.


08/08/2011 15:04

Arran Adventures (www.arranadventure.com) offers sea kayaking tours of Lamlash Bay. My wife and I did it in '09 and loved it!


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