I chose Arran.
Today we’ve arrived at our last Scotland visit, Edinburgh. I was very curious about this city, because I have had several other tourist and local people say you will love this city. The architecture is very picturesque and gives the city a distinct personality. It’s a city that appears to strive on tourist with Scotland Souvenir shops everywhere.  We get the opportunity to experience the city during its most lively time during the Fringe Festival. I can’t wait until tomorrow to really explore the festival.
Glasgow has an altogether different look and feel compared to Edinburgh. It was fun, but so far has been my least favorite places compared to all the other places we have visited. It seemed more like a college city with several pubs and clubs and active nightlife.

Without a doubt my favorite place has been the Isle of Arran.  I loved the all-natural beauty and wildlife on the island. The slower pace and more laid-back atmosphere was quite a treat after having a busy and stressful summer. I feel I could of spent the two full weeks on the island and would of not been bored!

Which would you chose?



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