What sets you up for the day? I don’t have anything to do to set me up for the day, but there is one thing that I want start doing. That is to read a book in the morning before a class begins. It is easy to say, but it is very difficult for me to do.
  During my study abroad class in Scotland, I stayed at Lochranza Youth Hostel in the Isle of Arran for nine nights and ten days. One morning, I went into a dining room for breakfast, when I found a middle aged couple seriously and eagerly reading books.

They had already finished breakfast because there were empty plates left.

I thought they were reading books to set them up for the day.

I was very much impressed by their reading books in the morning after breakfast.

     In Japan, some elementary schools have been trying to give pupils time to read books before classes begin. They can choose any books that they want to read.

They are given about thirty minutes for reading.

Reading books before class has turned out to have a good influence on pupils educationally. They have become highly motivated and active in their studies, and their grades in all subjects have improved. Reading books might set pupils up for the day.

     There is something common between a middle aged couple and some Japanese pupils in the morning reading. I asked the middle aged couple when they were doing the dishes. They told me that they had been reading books together in the morning after breakfast for many years, and that it set them up for the day.

   Almost all people admit reading is very important, but they find it difficult to read for a short period of time.

Just about thirty minutes every morning will produce good results to start good and meaningful day in studies and work also.  

     The couple showed me a good example, and told me the importance of reading in the morning. I need to imitate what they have been doing. What I witnessed from them has become meaningful to me in the short study abroad class in Scotland and I must read books before classes begin in the new fall semester.  - Akira


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