In Glasgow, there is a very popular music venue. It looks like you have walked right into the Bat Cave. You almost expect to see Batman behind the red lights of the bar serving you Stella. The venue is under the train tracks of downtown Glasgow. The inside walls are all made of brick that form big circular rooms with high ceilings. The lighting is very low and the rooms resonate with the echos of the people enjoying a drink from the bar. Just beyond the bar is a small room that you are lead to by the gates that block off restricted areas in the cave like venue. The room is a tiny concert hall. There are enough chairs for about 50 people and the front row is just a few close feet to the staging area.

On this night, we saw a very intimate performance by Heidi Talbot. She is known for doing lovely versions of traditional Irish and Scottish songs as well as a few of her very own. We were just feet away from her and her band as they played their guitars and violins. They sang songs that were very soothing and sweet. Between songs Heidi and her band mates would tell stories of how they met or just funny things they had experienced together in their years of performing as a group. At the end of the show, Heidi made her way out to the bar area where she greeted her fans and autographed copies of her CDs and vinyl records. It was a very relaxing evening and it was nice to see someone as successful as her, be so down-to-earth.


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