I was 30 when I was planning to visit England and Scotland for the first time.  So excited!  And then an acquaintance told me in no uncertain terms, you’ll hate it. She said she just got back from a week in London, and HATED it. HATED IT. I was speechless.  I asked why, what was so wrong? 

She shook her head saying we couldn’t find ice anywhere and we had to go to the LOBBY to get a soda.

I was stunned.

The Ugly American was in front of me.  This woman didn’t appreciate anything from another country because she couldn’t get her soft drink fast enough, or cool enough?  She went to London and only could complain about the lack of ice!

We are going to another country.  It has different customs. Different money. Different electricity. The people will speak in an accent that might not be familiar because, we’re in a different country!

Learn to appreciate those differences.  Look for them. Celebrate them. And,  write about them!  -- Linda


08/02/2011 16:02

I went to Scotland and complained when I got back.

Only I complained about what I couldn't get in the States that I could in Scotland! (Schwepp's Lemonade & Arran Gold)

08/02/2011 19:17

Don't tell anyone - I bought Arran Gold this afteroon!

08/08/2011 15:08

No worries - Mom & Dad brought us home a bottle of the 14 year Arran Malt. :-)


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