You will find out the remarkable contrast between Brodick Castle and Lochranza Castle in the Isle of Arran. Both have different historical backgrounds, but today

I am able to notice interestingly obvious differences between two castles.

Brodick Castle is a perfect example of a Victorian “Highland” estate. The Castle was

The ancient seat of the Dukes of Hamilton, and therefore there are gorgeous historical paintings, ceramics, and furniture from 16th century until 20th century.

I can get a glimpse of the elegant living style of noble owners in each day.

The National Trust for Scotland manages the Brodick Castle and visitors to the Castle can enjoy the historical legacy of the well preserved Castle. It has become popular sightseeing spot.

On the other hand, Locharanza Castle, situated in the northern tip of the Isle of Arran, lie in ruins. The castle went through a lot of turbulent changes in the early history of the Isle. At present I can see only ruined building, which is in sad state.

There are few people who visit the Castle as compared with the Brodick Castle.

The remarkable contrast between two historically different Castles tells me the rise and fall in one’s daily life.


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