The best way to see the most amazing scenes on the Isle of Arran is by hiking. Follow the foot paths to destinations that include mountain top views and rushing waterfalls. By letting your feet hit the dusty path and kick up gravel or walk thru lush grass, you are able to see things that others would not even be able to imagine. 

In Whiting Bay, the Glenashdale Falls is one such place that you can only get to by hiking. The hike is about three miles round trip and well worth it. The woods resemble something that you could only read about in your favorite fairy tale. The trees seem to stand over you like friendly giants gently swaying in the wind as if dancing. The sound of the trees swaying provides a calming atmosphere that can only be trumped by the gentle sound of a meandering stream.

This beautiful scenery is the perfect distraction for the many hills and rocky areas in the path that make the hike a bit strenuous. However, no matter how tired you get during the hike, the final destination is well worth it. The Glenashdale Falls is a mighty, two tiered fall where the white water comes rushing down the stream, weaving around the rocks and over the side. While standing on a boulder close to the edge, you see the water hit the rocks below and quickly make its way down one more fall. The view is spectacular and a feeling of excitement rushes through you knowing that you made it all the way without passing out from exhaustion.



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