The  winner is...the New York Metro Pipe Band.


By Bridjes O'Neil
(Glasgow, Scotland - 08/13/11) The 2011 World Pipe Band Championship was held on August 13, 2011 at Glasgow Green Park.  

Would you ever step outside of your box to enjoy the sounds of Pipe Band music?

Indiana Hoosier Capt. Roach
 We  attended the 2011 World Pipe Band Championship on Aug 13 at Glasgow Green Park.
It was our initiation into the Pipe Band community. Our classmate Dameena stood  out like a sore thumb dressed in her Notorious B.I.G. Hip-Hop T-shirt.

Pipe Band music is an art form steeped in history. My professor Linda Williams recounted how Pipe Band music began with the Scottish military. Military personnel would play Pipe Band music as they marched through the streets. It was a signal to military men to report back to their barracks.

Captain Roach is a self-proclaimed Indiana Hoosier who traveled abroad to attend the event. Capt. Roach explained to me how Pipe Band competions are judged based upon proper uniform attire, precision and presentation. Capt. Roach admired how a small country like Scotland has had a world-wide influence.

 Bands clustered about the park to tune up in  preparation of the competition. One in particular was the New York Metro Pipe Band. It was always such a thrill for me to see other Americans in Scotland.
A congratulations is in order to the NY Metro Pipe Band who won the 3B World Pipe band Championships as it was stated on their website. Further information related to the New York Pipe Band can be found at nymetropb.com.

I interviewed a mother from Northern Ireland whose daughter was a drum major in the junior division for children ages 8 to 14 years old. Other divisions included: a juvenile division for youth ages 14 to 18 years old and one solely for adults.

It amazed me how such a small girl manuvered her drum mace and directed her Pipe Band equal to or better than any adult.
 The 2011 World Pipe Band Championship has taught me a valuable lesson. I have learned it is easier to embrace another culture only if you keep an open mind.


Bridjes O'Neil is a Broadcast & Digital Journalism student at Webster
University in St. Louis, MO. Bridjes studied abroad in  Scotland for a Travel Journalism class. All photos are courtesy of Bridjes O'Neil.


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