One of my favorite movies is The Haunting, its about this lady who goes to a haunted castle and is haunted by the crazy, barbaric ghost of the owner of the castle. Well tonight I feel like I’m staying in that castle. When we first pulled up to Loch Lomond we all stared in amazement at the awesome looking castle we would be staying the night in. As I explored the grounds and took pictures I started to realize how creepy this place actually is. Outside there is nothing around for miles just the ocean and the highway. Fields surround the castle but they’re all dead and look like no ones walked them in years. I noticed that all of the statues are broken or missing chunks of them, which I understand, is typical for a place this old. Well the fact that  one of the statues is a child angel and its head has been completely taken off sends chills down my spine.

              When we entered we found an interesting site. The walls are covered in this weird wallpaper that is actually metal; along these walls are tons of old paintings and photographs of random people. When you enter the lounge you find a giant fireplace where the words “East, West, Hame’s Best” are carved. Above the fireplace are faces carved into the wood they’re not so bad they just look like colonial men. Along the walls is plaster with wood panels that also have faces carved in them. Now these face are beyond creepy all of them are of old men that seem to be screaming in pain. A few of the faces resemble goats and gargoyles for some reason. To top this room off there is an enormous deer head that looks over hundred years old. All three floors are have tons of doors that lead to many different rooms; the design reminds me of a maze where you always end up in the same spot.

            I think tonight should be interesting the rooms are actually nice despite the eerie feel of the castle. I’m just glad that the girls and I are sharing a room other wise I wouldn’t sleep a wink. -Chelsea


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