The internet connection is really awful for travelers. It’s expensive, slow and difficult to get a signal. However, when you do connect that feeling of being part of the World Wide Web, is one of the most exciting parts of your night. Not to say that all the sightseeing done during the day was a waste.

The reason why connecting to the internet brought us so much excitement was because we finally got to have contact with loved ones back home. For many of us, we had never traveled without the family or to a different country or for so long. All of us left behind friends and families that wanted to make sure we were safe. Some of us even left behind children that we wanted to check up on. Our families wanted to know where we were and what we had seen. So, posting pictures was a must. Not only did the people back home enjoy and beg to see them, but we were excited to share these new and exciting tales of adventure with someone dear.


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