The study abroad class in Scotland on travel journalism is about to come to an end.

We have only two days left in Edinburgh. I have been interested in the special class abroad since I became aware of it. I like traveling very much, so this class meets with what I want to do both in study and travel. It is better to stay in one particular area to know about Scotland because I am able to know the weather. In this sense, it was nice to stay in the Isle of Arran for ten days.

     Each area in Scotland has its own features. It is difficult to know all about them at one time. As a first step to know about Scotland, the small Isle of Arran was appropriate. The Isle has both new and old aspects of Scotland in terms of history and industry. In addition, weather interests me most.

     While I was there, I was able to know the weather that features and affects people who live in the Isle. Weather has something to do with living. I could actually know how weather had been bad from the standpoint of the Japanese climate.

There was no overall blue sky. There were always clouds in the sky. The sun does not shine all day long. It was the best part of the weather in the Isle when I visited the Isle. So I can imagine how the weather is not good for the rest of the year. I realize clearly weather condition. Seeing is believing especially in weather.

If I lived in the Isle of Arran for a year, I would be able to know Scotland more in terms of climate which affects people’s living.   - Akira


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